Perceived Social Competences and Quality of Relations of Future Teachers in Slovakia

Michal Čerešník, Viktor Gatial, Andrea Juhásová, Marcela Verešová

© 2018 Michal Čerešník, published by UIKTEN. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License. (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

Citation Information: SAR Journal. Volume 1, Issue 4, Pages 148-154, ISSN 2619-9955, DOI: 10.18421/SAR14-05, December 2018.

Received: 25 September 2018
Accepted: 27 November 2018
Published: 17 December 2018


In the paper we have focused on the social competence of the future teachers. We have considered the connection between the quality of the social competences and the quality of the relation, especially the quality of the attachment. We assumed that early experience in the childhood influence the social behavior in the adulthood and the teacher`s profession. In our research we obtained data from 322 future teachers. We used three methods: The Inventory of Social Competences, the questionnaire Experiences in Close Relationships and The Relationship Styles Questionnaire. Based on the Kanning`s model, we formulated 6 statistical hypotheses about the relation between the social competences and the quality of the relations. We supported all of them except the hypothesis about the social orientation. Our results reflected classic theories about the trans-generation transfer of the positive as well as the negative experience in social relations which can be applied to the relation between the teacher and the pupil.

Keywords – Attachment, Social Competence, Relation.


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