The Development of User-Interface and Mobile Interface: A Bibliometric Study 50 Years Using Vos Viewer

Aliya Nurul Fauziah, Asep Ridwan Lubis

© 2024 Aliya Nurul Fauziah, published by UIKTEN. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International. (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Citation Information: SAR Journal. Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 155-162, ISSN 2619-9955,, June 2024.

Received: 28 April 2024.
Revised:   03 June 2024.
Accepted: 10 June 2024.
Published: 28 June 2024.


This research employs bibliometric analysis and computational mapping using VOSviewer to study mobile interface research trends. Data from Google Scholar spanning 50 years (1974-2024) identified 30 relevant articles grouped into 4 clusters. Results show mobile interface categorized under 'mobile interface' and 'mobile app', with 'mobile interface' linked to 5 sources, total link strength 6, and 17 occurrences; 'mobile app' linked to 9 sources, link strength 21, and 20 occurrences. Notable publication peaks occurred around 2013, with a decline post-2019. VOSviewer highlights active investigation areas. This study informs researchers and practitioners on mobile interface design, offering insights for future research directions.

Keywords – mobile interface, mobile app, user interface, mobile interface development, VOSviewer.


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